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Is It More Cost Effective to Buy Brand New or Used Pallet Racking?

Article added Monday November 18th, 2013


The Benefits of using pallet racking systems

Incorporating a pallet racking system into your warehouse stock organisation can save you from having to move to a larger, more expensive warehouse. Pallet racking can increase your storage capacity, as the steel structure can support large and heavy goods. Industrial warehouse pallet racking also allows businesses to expand on their warehouse storage capacity by making use of the height of the building.

Having an organised pallet racking system can increase efficiency and workflow by making the most of the workspace you have. Having a storage solution that improves the aesthetics of your warehouse storage space can encourage employees to tidy up after themselves and to keep on top of stock organisation. This will also declutter warehousing space and improve stock presentation, which can speed up the process of stock-taking. An important benefit of Pallet Racking Systems improving the presentation of a warehouse is that it can improve employee safety by preventing stock obstructions within the shop floor.

One big factor involved in choosing warehouse storage solutions is your storage needs and tastes. This is where the question of brand new or used pallet racking will need to be addressed.


Should I Purchase Brand New Pallet Racking or Used Pallet Racking?

So now you know the benefits of introducing a pallet racking system into your warehouse storage space, should you choose to purchase brand new or used pallet racking?

Buying new pallet racking allows the pallet racking system to be created specifically for your warehouse storage needs, so it seems that the obvious answer would be to buy brand new top- quality pallet racking systems that can be designed specifically for your warehouse. Right?

Well, Pallet Racking Systems Ltd will only buy and re-sell pallet racking that meets high safety and purchase standards. When buying used pallet racking systems- it is important you buy from a reputable company that carry out pallet racking safety inspections on their pallet racking before they re-sell.

Your choice will also depend on the size of your warehouse space. If you have a smaller warehouse, it may be more worthwhile to buy a brand new pallet racking system that will be designed to your needs, to make the most of the available space. If you have a larger warehouse capacity, it may work well for you to buy used pallet racking that is of good quality and that you could potentially re-sell later. However, it does depend on your individual circumstances and budget.

The two main factors in your choice will be the amount of storage that you need and the budget that you have for your warehouse storage solutions.


Is It More Cost Effective to Buy Brand New or Used Pallet Racking?

Although a used pallet racking system may have a lower price, the system will not be as bespoke or tailored to your warehouse storage needs. However, when you come to sell your pallet racking, buying used pallet racking will lose less value than buying brand new warehouse storage.

If you are on a tight budget, it may be better to choose used pallet racking rather than having to reduce the amount of brand new pallet racking you order to save costs.

The choice of whether to buy brand new or used pallet racking solely depends on your business needs. How much storage do you need? How big is your warehouse storage budget?

Whatever your business situation, whether you want to buy brand new or used pallet racking, Pallet Racking Systems Ltd will be able to provide a warehouse storage solution to meet your needs and your budget.


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