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Is Buying Used Pallet Racking Safe?

Article added Wednesday July 25th, 2018

Second hand pallet racking can be an excellent way of reducing the cost of warehouse storage and there are many reputable suppliers selling good quality used pallet racking in the UK.

However, when considering buying used pallet racking, one of the primary considerations should be safety.

So, what do you need to know to ensure that what you are buying will do the job and meets current safety regulations?

  1. Check for Damage

Before purchase, ensure you view the pallet racking on offer and check for bent beams or diagonals, broken planks, missing supports, rust, welds that seem loose and specifically look out for collision damage. This is not an exhaustive list, so having an expert on hand or a reputable re-seller to advise you, is a good option.

Any impairment to the racking could mean that it has suffered catastrophic damage and may be unsafe.

Cosmetic damage such as paint chips is not a problem. Pallet racking does not need to be pristine. In fact, the sheer nature of second hand pallet racking will mean that it is not going to look like new. The issue is safety for your staff and the product that will be stored on it.

  1. Is Every Component from the Same Manufacturer?

When buying a pallet racking system, it is important to ensure that all the component parts are from the same manufacturer.

One reason for this is that some manufacturer’s components may not fit with others, causing a fundamental instability in the system.

The question to ask is why there are parts from a different manufacturer? Were the replacement parts damaged or rusted through so badly that they had to be replaced? This then raises other questions such as is there hidden rust or further internal damage in the racking.

A final point to be aware of on ensuring that all the parts are from one manufacturer is to do with load capacity. If some parts of the racking are designed for one load capacity and others are for a lesser load, the racking will have the capacity of the weakest link in the system.

  1. Will It Hold the Load You Need to Store?

This brings us onto the loading capacity required for the pallet racking system being purchased.

Ensure your supplier can tell you exactly how much weight your second-hand pallet racking system will take.

From a safety point of view, does the system comply with latest FEM10-2-02 and SEMA design codes of practice?

  1. How Will It Be Assembled?

Is your supplier able to provide a design service to maximise your storage needs?

Will they assemble the racking system for you?

Is the assembly team qualified to erect pallet racking safely?

It’s advisable not to purchase any second-hand racking without a commitment from the supplier regarding safe installation.

  1. Can You Get Replacement Parts?

If the pallet racking system purchased is no longer manufactured, it may be difficult and costly to source replacement parts.

Ensuring that replacement parts are current and have good availability prior to purchase makes good business sense when you are considering buying a second-hand pallet racking system.

  1. Is Your Supplier Reputable?

Buying pallet racking from eBay may be cheap in terms of initial cost outlay but it is important to consider what unsafe pallet racking could cost your business in the longer term.

A warehouse storage collapse could cost lives as well as damage to product, reputation and loss of business.

The best way to buy used pallet racking is to ensure your supplier follows the industry codes of practice and has a long-standing reputation for good product and service.

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