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How can a Mezzanine Floor Enhance My Warehouse Storage Space?

Article added Monday June 3rd, 2013

As we all know, success in any activity usually brings with it a series of new challenges. If your business is thriving you will need to ensure that you have the infrastructure to enable you to satisfy demand, and this may involve you addressing such issues as the recruitment of additional staff, reviewing your systems, or increasing your stock levels.

When you reach this point in your business you may well start to consider the pros and cons of moving to new premises. Apart from any other issues that may arise in such a strategy, this option may prove expensive in money terms, and also cause disruption to the business. For instance, the extra capital costs of a move can create stresses for your business finances, even supposing that you can find a suitable lender willing to advance the funding necessary in these straitened times.

One option that you may well like to consider is changing the way in which you do things in your existing warehouse. This could involve changing the layout of your warehouse storage space to maximise your use of the existing space, but if you have already done that you may like to consider making use of the overhead space by investing in a mezzanine floor.

What is a mezzanine floor?

In a warehouse context, a mezzanine floor is that is installed above the existing floor to provide extra warehouse storage capacity. It is constructed from steel components and enables a business to make use of the overhead space in a warehouse. A mezzanine floor installation can potentially enable a business to double its storage space, thus maximising its use of existing premises and avoiding the need to move to a larger warehouse. As such, it often provides the most economical solution to warehouse storage problems.

Mezzanine floors are constructed on a steel framework. The method of construction is very flexible, and they can be designed to fit into almost any space, so long as the warehouse has sufficient height.

If the need arises a mezzanine floor can be taken down and adapted for re-use in another situation, but equally they may well come to be regarded as part of the fabric of the building.

In designing your mezzanine floor you need to give great consideration to its design, in order to arrive at the best use of the available space at the lowest possible price.

Although planning permission is not required for your new mezzanine floor, you must ensure that its construction conforms to current Health & Safety regulations. See the following Health & Safety Executive website for more information:

At the planning stage you also need to familiarise yourself with the relevant building regulations, and make an application for Building Regulations Approval.

Here at Pallet Racking Systems we have the experience and expertise to help you to plan and install a mezzanine floor in your warehouse. Why not contact us to discuss your requirements with us?