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How Can I Get The Best Price When Selling Used Pallet Racking?

Article added Friday January 16th, 2015

Pallet racking is the most popular and versatile type of warehouse storage system. However, there are a number of reasons that you may wish to sell your used pallet racking systems. Perhaps you have some surplus racking or your storage needs have changed over time and you have upgraded or expanded? Or perhaps sadly your business has failed and the receiver needs to liquidise the assets of the business? Whatever your reason for selling we would be interesting in hearing from you.

Your first instinct when considering selling used pallet racking may be to contact a scrap merchant as this is a fast way to dispose of an unwanted system. However, to achieve a higher price a better option may be to sell your used pallet racking system to a trader in second hand racking. This way it is possible to offset the cost of any new pallet racking system you may purchase against the price obtained from selling your old system.

Pallet Racking Systems Ltd are experienced traders in second hand warehouse storage and pallet racking. We will offer you the best price we can for your used pallet racking and this is generally a higher price than scrap. There are a number of conditions that we take into consideration when deciding whether to buy your used racking and what price we can offer for it.

From our years of knowledge and experience we have compiled our three top tips to ensure you achieve the best possible price for your used pallet racking.

Provide a detailed history

When looking to buy your second hand pallet racking system we will need to know a detailed history. It is important to keep any documentation relating to your racking system safe and ready for inspection when you are selling it. We need to know that the system conforms to relevant industry safety standards. When maintaining your pallet racking it is vital to keep details of any repairs and who they were carried out by in order to be able to sell it on at a later date. We need to be able to verify that any repairs were carried out by qualified technicians and that their work met safety standards.

Provide a record of installation and maintenance

Was your used pallet racking system originally installed correctly by a qualified fitter to industry standards? We need to be able to verify it has been installed and used appropriately in order for us to be able to sell it on to a new customer. It is also vital that you keep up to date with industry standards. These are updated every few years and it is important to ensure your system remains compliant to achieve a good price.

We would also recommend that you keep your racking well maintained. It is essential that you have an annual inspection of your pallet racking by a qualified SEMA trained expert as well as more frequent in house inspections to verify its safety. It may also be worth using protective guards on your pallet racking to minimise damage and need for repair.

Consider spare parts

How easy will it be for a new customer to buy and fit repairs for your used pallet racking system? Obviously the easier it is to find spares the more desirable the second hand system is. It is worth noting a used pallet racking system manufactured by a major manufacturer is generally more desirable and attracts higher prices.

Pallet Racking Systems Ltd are interested in buying all types of traceable, good quality second hand pallet racking including:

  • Narrow aisle pallet racking
  • Double deep pallet racking
  • Wide aisle pallet racking
  • Push back dynamic storage pallet racking

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