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How do I plan my warehouse pallet racking installation?

Article added Wednesday April 25th, 2012

Warehouse pallet racking is a form of storage that is in very wide use today. Its popularity arises from a number of factors. Firstly, it is very flexible, and can be erected in a myriad of different arrangements to suit the specific space and layout of each particular location. Secondly, it is easy to assemble. Thirdly, it facilitates the storage of goods in the packaging in which they arrived, and thus keeps warehousing costs to a minimum. Fourthly, when properly put together, pallet racking is very sturdy and long lasting.

The caveat included in the fourth point above is vitally important, however. Warehouse pallet racking must be properly put together. If it is not assembled in the correct manner, taking into account its characteristics and the site conditions, its user may not obtain the value from it that he / she should, and in some cases it can be dangerous to the people working with it.

Each warehouse pallet racking installation will have its own distinct physical conditions, so it is not possible to give detailed instructions that will apply to all pallet racking installations. However, one cannot possibly overstate the importance of planning to a successful project.

Assembly planning

You need to study any instructions and drawings that come with the racking, and take them into account in your preparation. Don’t be tempted to take short cuts or skim over all that reading. This is where your financial interest and the wellbeing of you and your colleagues come together. The instructions are there to help you get best value from your pallet racking, and to ensure that your installation is safe for the people who work with it. By far the best idea is to buy your racking from a professional supplier, and get it installed by specialists. They will design your installation to take account of safety regulations and the particular circumstances in your warehouse, and then put the whole lot together for you. Pallet Racking Systems will be glad to provide this service for you.


Make sure you involve warehouse storage professionals at the planning stage of your project. The earlier you do this the better, as there are so many aspects of the installation that benefit from being dealt with early in the process. You will need to consider the best way of maximising the amount of goods stored in the available space, whilst taking into account the safety aspects. What is the maximum height you can go to? How will you access the goods, and how wide should the aisles be? What type of warehouse pallet racking best suits your particular installation – maybe wide aisle pallet racking if you are planning to use fork trucks, or narrow aisles pallet racking if space is at a premium? Then again, Dynamic pallet racking may fit the bill?

You need to be wary of mixing new and second hand racking components, as often they don’t fit together. This is not surprising, given that manufacturers are constantly changing their designs. Here again, expert advice is called for, as an error made may result in compromises in assembly and jeopardise the safety of efficiency of the installation.

All these issues and a many more besides are best considered sooner rather than later. After all, you don’t want to get to the installation stage and then find that you can’t get everything to fit in!