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How Do You Install Pallet Racking?

Article added Thursday March 31st, 2016

How simple it is to install a pallet racking system can vary from very easy to incredibly complex.

If you’re looking to put up a single row of racking in a smaller space, you could have the job done within half an hour. If you are in charge of something more sophisticated, you could be looking at several days.

The video below, shot in South Africa, gives you an idea of how complicated things can get and how big a job it can be!

You need your racking to be assembled to meet your exact requirements. You will want something designed to meet the demanding needs of your business as well as meet the relevant health and safety and SEMA standards.

http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/books/hsg76.htm contains information on responsible warehouse practices. If you need expert advice on what will suit your situation and plans, as well as how to meet relevant safety regulations, give us a call on 0800 085 8117 or send us a message a using our contact form. A member of our team will then get back to you.

There is no step by step process to installing pallet racking. Each type of racking will be slightly different and you should, therefore, always follow manufacturer’s instructions. If you don’t have access to the instructions, which is likely if the racking is second hand, try visiting their website or contacting them.

The following is a rough guide to help you with the planning of the assembly of your racking system.

Before installing your racking, you should draw up a plan of where the racking will go. This should be done to match your business goals so that you place your racking in the right place to help meet your objectives. You might want to consider travelling time from place to place as well as forklift fuel costs which, over a long period of time, could be significant.

Measurements should be taken to make sure that your planned racking will fit into space. You’ll also get an idea of any issues you may need to resolve when considering the space. This will cover the erecting of the racking as well as anything that might be an issue once it is in place.

Precision measurements can be taken using the latest equipment. Laser guiding is incredibly accurate and can help precisely work out your plans. Marking the flooring with chalk or other markers will help in the installation process.

Transporting the racking to your site is likely to be a big job. A large transport vehicle may be necessary and you will want to get it as close to the place where the racking will be assembled as possible. Forklift trucks can then be used to move larger sections from the vehicle to your warehouse. Smaller sections may be movable by hand or loaded onto pallet trucks.

A trained team, with experience in a variety of environments, can quickly erect pallet racking. If your team has not had specific training then referring to manufacturers instructing and carrying out a health and safety audit may be required.

The first step will be to secure the uprights. They need to be placed in the desired location and then securely fixed to the floor. This may well require drilling into the warehouse flooring and fix the upright in place with the correct bolting.

The opposite upright can then be placed and secured. Alternately,  a beam section could be added next to help get the right distance from one upright to the other.

Beams can be slotted in by hand into the desired teardrop holes on the upright. They may need to be hammered or pushed into place to then lock them onto the upright.

The second upright could then be placed onto the end of the beams. This should then be secured and made sure that the locks are in place. The same locking may need to be done on the back end also.

If using deckings, such as wire or timber, you should next add this on top of beams. Wire meshing may need to be snapped into place or locked down in another way.

Once in place, make sure your racking system is properly secure. The next step will be to start loading your goods!

For more advice on which warehouse storage system will suit your business needs, call us on 0800 085 8117 or send us a message a using our contact form and a member of our team will get back to you.