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Keeping Your Warehouse Safe

Article added Wednesday February 21st, 2018

Keeping your workers safe when they are working should be of paramount importance to employers. Raising safety standards can improve morale, reduce work related accidents and save money in the long term by decreasing the number of remedial repairs required to structures within the warehouse.

Protecting your pallet racking from damage is a good place to start. Forklift truck damage may not look like much, but continual knocks can be enough to impair the structural integrity of pallet racking frames.

Should your frames be compromised, and ultimately fail, it could be extremely costly in terms of product damage, replacing your pallet racking and even more importantly, in terms of human injury or possibly death.

To keep your pallet racking in a good and safe condition, it is wise to install protective measures – ideally at the same time as you install your pallet racking but retro fitted if necessary.

How To Protect Your Workforce and Your Pallet Racking From Serious Damage

Floor Fixings

These fix the vertical frames to the floor using at least one bolt, preventing the structure from tipping.

Column Guards

These can be floor mounted or foam filled and are designed to prevent damage to the vertical steel frames, transferring the impact of any collision into the floor.

Crash Barriers

Crash barriers provide protection for the vertical frames at the end of each racking run, preventing damage from forklift trucks and other warehouse vehicles.

Anti Collapse Mesh

Mesh is a safety feature which prevents unstable loads from falling from the bay. It is particularly useful added to the back of the pallet racking bay where it also prevents product lodging down the back of the racking.

Back Beams

Back Beams prevent pallets from being pushed too far back, ensuring they are always accessible and preventing injury from items falling from the rear side.

They also help ensure safe loading of each shelf.

Regular Visual Checks

Giving a member of staff responsibility for checking for pallet racking damage and for ensuring any damage is repaired or replaced is good practice in any warehouse.  More importantly, it should help keep your staff safe and keep your enterprise running smoothly.

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