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Maintaining a Pallet Racking System and The Safety of Those Around It

Article added Monday July 21st, 2014

Maintaining a pallet racking system can be difficult when you don’t necessarily know how to prevent possible damage or know what to look for when inspecting your pallet racking system.

The safety of a warehouse pallet racking system and the space around the racking is essential for ensuring the wellbeing of the staff members working around the structure and machinery.

Below you will see a list of some essential factors in maintaining the quality of your pallet racking system whilst creating a safe working environment for yourself and your staff members.

After the installation of your warehouse pallet racking system, it is essential to enforce strict safety procedures, such as:

  • Visible Signage – Introducing visible signs highlighting safety measures, including:
  • Reporting pallet racking damage
  • Safe working loads – maximum bay, beam and pallet loads
  • Pallet racking inspections – what to look out for/measure
  • Site/Machinery speed limit
  • Aisle Markings – For the safety of pedestrians and those using machinery it is important to introduce aisle markings to outline machinery traffic routes and pedestrian routes. Machinery traffic routes should be designed as to minimise the need for reversing and avoiding blind corners and sharp bends.
  • Strict machinery speed limits should be enforced with clear visible signage within the warehouse space.
  • Reasonable aisle spaces – Within a pallet racking system, it is essential to have reasonable aisle space so that machinery can be used safely to deliver and remove stock without causing damage to the pallet racking.
  • Clear Pedestrian Ways – In order to increase the safety of staff members and prevent damage to machinery, it is important to keep machinery traffic and pedestrian routes clear of products and packaging.

Once your pallet racking system has been installed and your safety procedures have been set, it isrecommended that pallet racking protection is introduced to your pallet racking system. Some pallet racking accessories protect racking from being struck by fork lift trucks and other machinery. Other pallet racking accessories prevent stock items from falling from the shelving. Pallet racking protection items include:

  • Pallet racking frame protectors
  • Pallet racking column guards
  • Rack end protectors
  • Heavy duty racking barriers
  • Timber decking
  • Anti – collapse mesh

For more information on the pallet racking accessories mentioned in this post, see a previous post from Pallet Racking Systems Ltd.

Pallet Loading – Pallets should be loaded correctly to ensure the stability of the load. Shrink wrapping and stretch wrapping can be used to stabilise pallets and larger products. This helps to prevent products from falling from the pallet racking system. It is important that maximum weight restrictions are followed so that racking is not overloaded. This will prevent the pallet racking from reaching the buckling strength, preventing the buckling of racking and shelving. This safety measure is essential in ensuring the safety of staff members and maintaining the quality of the stock and pallet racking.

Machinery checks – Regular checks of fork lifts should be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Routine maintenance checks and safety inspections should be carried out for each truck.

Inspect your pallet racking regularly to ensure it is repaired and maintained properly. It is important that damage and defects are reported immediately. Keep a record of your weekly inspections, noting any possible findings – even in the case of noticing paint chips that may indicate a minor collision. Make sure all staff members are told to report any damage.

When you find damage that may affect the safety of the pallet racking system, offload the racking to prevent any potential further damage, such a buckling. Introduce procedures to prevent that racking being used until any necessary repair work has been completed.


As you can see, when it comes to pallet racking safety, there is a lot to think about, so it is important to do your research. Call us now for more information on 0800 085 8117.