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Which Pallet Racking Accessories Will I Need For My Warehouse Pallet Racking System?

Article added Wednesday January 15th, 2014

Not only does Pallet Racking Systems Ltd sell a range of quality pallet racking equipment, we also sell pallet racking accessories.

Pallet racking accessories help to improve the longevity, value and more importantly, the safety of your warehouse pallet racking system.

The following will discuss these pallet racking accessories and the benefits of incorporating these items into your own warehouse pallet racking system.


Pallet Racking Frame Protectors or Column Guards

Pallet Racking Frame Protectors or Column Guards are one of the most common pallet racking accessories used in the UK.

Although warehouse pallet racking systems increase the free space and order within the shop floor, accidental damage to storage systems will always occur.

Pallet racking frame protectors surround the bases of the upright steel structures in order to prevent damage to warehouse pallet racking systems caused by collisions with forklift trucks. In a busy warehouse environment, column guards should be used to optimise the stability of your pallet racking structure.  In a busy working warehouse environment, pallet racking frame protectors provide optimum stability for warehouse pallet racking systems.

Using upright column guards at the base of a warehouse pallet racking system is more than cost effective as collisions can cause substantial damage to your pallet racking and the safety of yourself and those around you. Column guards are also available in bright colours for maximum visibility to help prevent these collisions.

Pallet racking frame protectors reinforce the strength of pallet racking columns, helping to prevent damage and daily wear-and-tear of pallet racking systems. This then prevents unnecessary repair costs and employee safety risks.

Rack End Protection or Heavy Duty Barriers

Rack end protection is positioned at the end of pallet racking aisles as this is the area that is most commonly damaged by accidental impact from fork lift trucks.

These heavy duty barriers prevent costly accidents – preventing damage and disruption in the warehouse whilst ensuring the safety of staff members.

Rack end protectors provide flexibility due to high impact absorption. Also, minimal maintenance is required due to paint preventing rust and rot.


Timber Decking for Pallet Racking

Using timber decking for pallet racking enables you to store all pallet types and sizes on a standard warehouse pallet racking system. Timber decking for pallet racking can be used to store goods that are not palletised.

Both close boarded timber decking and slatted timber decking are available from Pallet Racking Systems Ltd.


Anti-Collapse Mesh

Anti-collapse mesh helps to create a safe working environment for staff on the shop floor. The mesh panels create a barrier to prevent stock goods from falling from the pallet racking system.  Anti-collapse mesh is a more than cost effective solution as it prevents damage to stock and improves safety levels for staff members as they are protected from potential injuries that may have been caused by falling debris from pallet racking shelves.

Anti-collapse mesh is commonly used within commercial and industrial warehousing, especially alongside high risk pedestrian walkways.


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