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What Are Your Top Pallet Racking Tips?

Article added Friday July 14th, 2017

Whatever industry your company is part of and whatever product you store or plan to store using pallet racking, these five tips can help make your business save money, become more efficient and safer. So be ready to take notes…

  1. Invest in Rack End Protection Heavy Duty Barriers

Even experienced forklift drivers make mistakes. Accidents that involve knocking or crashing into pallet racking can not only damage valuable goods but may damage the racking itself. If racking is sufficiently or repeatedly damaged, it may become structurally weak and unsafe over time.

In order to prevent this, many companies invest in heavy duty barriers to protect the rack ends. These rack end protection heavy duty barriers are fitted to the ends of your racking and provide an added buffer between a forklift or other vehicle and the racking.

  1. Use Timber Decking

If you’re used to storing goods using only pallets then you may be interested in investing in timber decking. Timber decking acts like a permanent pallet and allows you to store items without them being on a pallet. This is a great time-saving investment if you currently need to attach goods to a pallet before storing them. The downside is that you can’t then transport them on a forklift without attaching them to a pallet. Timber decking is great for small items that need temporary storage or for goods which don’t require pallets for transport. It also allows you to store goods in a more productive way, rather than storing them pallet by pallet.

  1. Invest in a Camera System

There is often need to find out what goods are on your racking or to see if there is free space. When you have a large warehouse with pallet racking built up several levels it can be difficult to view the upper and especially the top level.

For convenience, and as a quick measure, many forklift drivers and order pickers will climb the racking to find out. This might be an effective way to investigate but can also be highly dangerous. It may also break company rules regarding pallet rack safety and therefore not be an option.

In order to find out what is up there, you may have to locate paperwork or check a computer to get an idea, but with a camera system, the job can be done in seconds. Camera systems are attached to each forklift, with the camera on the forks and a monitor in the cab. It allows drivers to easily see the state of the racking at high levels and also assists in the loading and unloading of pallets or goods with the added advantage of an improved view.

  1. Discourage Climbing

Discouraging climbing and promoting pallet rack safety will help you meet health and safety targets and keep your staff safe.

It is tempting for order pickers and forklift drivers to climb pallet racking. It is easily done and can provide a quick answer to a query on where goods may be located, available space as well as a way to retrieve and store goods.

There are several methods you can employ to discourage climbing and create a safer environment for your staff. Rolling stair ladders can be made available throughout a site to provide access to goods located above the ground level. They can be moved by one staff member and will last many years. The downside to rolling stair ladders is that though they might reach a lower level, they can’t always get to goods on the higher levels. They also take time to locate and so may not be used in favour of a quick climb. There may also be an issue of storage, as rolling ladders can take up valuable space.

By installing netting or other guarding at upper levels, you can prevent access to anyone tempted to climb. This option is effective as long as it is not used in places which will prevent forklifts or pickers using ladders from accessing the goods.

Training staff in pallet rack safety and reiterating safety measures may change the practice of climbing. Warning signs may be placed on racking and throughout a site to remind workers of safety issues and of company policies if you have one in place that forbids any kind of climbing. Warnings and disciplinary procedures may also deter employees from climbing.

  1. Buy Second-Hand Pallet Racking

Used pallet racking is a superb option for all industries. Pallet racking lasts for years which means even older racking, which may have had lots of use, can still be of very high quality. This means that it can still meet relevant industry standards that may have been introduced after the pallet racking was manufactured and first used.

Buying second-hand pallet racking from an experienced supplier who can advise you on the best system for your business to invest in is crucial. They will be able to give guidance on suitability, replacement parts and on buying used pallet racking that will conform to industry standards.

These five things are just some of the options available to help your business run more smoothly. If you need further advice or have any questions regarding pallet racking, give us a call on 0800 085 8177 or fill in our contact form and our team will get back to you.