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Uses of Cantilever Racking

Article added Thursday March 8th, 2018

The open design and the flexibility of length provided by Cantilever Racking means that it is the ideal solution for storing long, thin items which would not otherwise fit into a pallet storage system.  Longer, heavier items can be stored horizontally, resting across multiple arms.

Depending on the item stored, Cantilever Racking can be located either inside a warehouse or outside. So, for instance, fast moving plastic tubing which is unlikely to deteriorate in wet, cold or hot conditions, could easily be stored outside.

Other items that are suited to Cantilever Racking are timber, cut or uncut, carpet, steel trusses, piping and beams.

Benefits of Cantilever Racks

The greatest benefit of Cantilever Racking is the ease of installation. It is also fairly easy to reconfigure, should warehouse storage requirements change over time.

For difficult or bulky items, Cantilever Racks can help with stock accessibility and can therefore reduce handling times and improve productivity.

Cantilever Rack Component Parts

Cantilever racks consist of several upright beams, each fixed to a base, which is bolted to the floor. Horizontal braces provide stability between the uprights. For extra stability, further cross bracing at the back of the racking is either welded or bolted between the uprights.

Arms are then slotted into the uprights at different levels to support the product being stored.  These can be a bolted connection, the angle of which can be changed, dependant on the system chosen.

There are a variety of arm sections available, so depending on the product, the right length of arm with the correct weight capacity needs to be chosen.  In addition, for certain products, it may be advisable to add product retaining pins or welded end stops to the end of the arms to ensure everything remains in place.

At the base of the unit, tyre guards can help prevent damage from fork lift trucks.

For outside storage, where some protection is required, a canopy can be installed above with rear and end cladding, as required.

Restrictions of Cantilever Racks

Due to the fact that the arms in a Cantilever Rack are supported by just one connection to the uprights, the length of the arm, by nature, must be limited. If the arms are too long, they will lose strength.

This means that the width of Cantilever Racks are narrower than racking for pallets. It also means that more rows of Cantilever Racking may be required, taking up more warehouse space.

Although pallets can be stored on Cantilever Racking, it is an inefficient way of storing pallets.

Arrangement of Cantilever Racks in a Warehouse Environment

Cantilever Racking can either be fixed against a wall or as double-sided racking where product is accessible from both sides.


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